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Fabric & Leather Repairs

Fabric & Leather Repairs

ISM craftsmen are highly skilled and are trained to produce the best possible outcome when repairing furniture regardless of the cause (manufacturing defects, delivery or transit damage).
The type of repair can vary greatly from minor cosmetic touch-ups to whole panel resprays on leather and complete re-upholstery of fabric furniture. Depending on the repair required these can occur in the customer home or there is an option for the furniture to be uplifted to one of our many workshops.

Our expert craftsman, with the highest standards and using traditional skills (supported by the latest technology), are able to remove fabric upholstered coverings to inspect the frame and repair/replace the joints where necessary.

We can also replace webs and springs as required as well as educate customers on product characteristics such as feather and down or fibre wrapped seating interiors in respect of settlement. In addition we can supply and fit foam interiors to suit where necessary.

Structural Damage

  • Warping and separation of the frame
  • Excessive loss of resilience of interiors
  • Breakage or bending of metal parts
  • Faulty recliner/sleep mechanism or swivel/rocker bases
  • Faulty zips
  • Damaged seam stitching
  • Damaged or broken springs or webbing
  • Displaced or broken staples
  • Lifting and peeling of leather
  • Damaged or broken decorative features e.g. beading
  • Electric recliner issues (motor, transformers, handsets, etc)

Cosmetic Damage

  • Dirty marks and stains
  • Watermarks
  • Rips, tears, holes, and scuffs
  • Scratches pulls and punctures