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Bed & Mattress Repairs

Bed & Mattress Repairs

Settlement is one of the most frequently reported issues. A mattress will lose a certain amount of resilience in the first few months and this is a normal characteristic. It is also common to experience backache or sleep restlessness particularly if this is the first replacement bed the customer has had in many years.

ISM craftsmen will explain product characteristics to the customer and explain that the mattress is wearing normally if the ingress or dip is less than the industry standard of 5cms. They will assure the customer that there is no cause for concern.

There are many issues that can be reported on divans/ mattresses/frames. Beds will wear in the early stages and various complaints can include:

  • Damaged framework and slats
  • Rips, tears and scuffs
  • Soiling
  • Missing tufts and stitching
  • Drawer and drawer runner issues
  • Frame collapse
  • Protruding springs and rods
  • Under filling
  • Handset issues (electric beds)
  • Synchronisation problems (electric beds)
  • Pistons, support bars and mechanism problems (electric beds)