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Job Management System

The ISM Job Management System (JMS) is the glue that holds our network together.

This industry leading secure system, accessible via a web portal, enables you to enter the reported furniture fault(s) and customer details, book appointments and monitor the progress of a job through to completion.

  • Very easy to use and navigate to ensure complete transparency
  • Craftsmen contact number and address details provided on every job submitted
  • Can be customised to meet your specific needs e.g. you can use your own fault codes, ISM fault codes or both
  • Allows you to upload images/specification documents for our Craftsmen to access
  • Email notifications will update you as the status of each job progresses


  • Our user-friendly system enables easy navigation to ensure complete transparency
  • All jobs associated with faults/liabilities can be viewed and the data downloaded into a .csv file#
  • You choose the time period to load, be it by week, month, year or a specific date range

Triage Service

You raise a service request as normal but select Triage instead of Report or Repair.

Based on a full description of the issue, including images that you have uploaded onto the JMS, ISM determines whether the furniture can be repaired and estimates the repair costs and specifies what parts, if any, are required.

You decide whether to proceed with the repair or not Unnecessary call-outs are eliminated and reporting costs reduced.

The Triage service is priced at £12 per job with a 50% rebate to you if a service visit is authorised.

At ISM we recognise the importance of having a job management system (JMS) that is easy to use and provides the functionality required to ensure that service is both swift and successful.

However it is imperative to be able to interrogate the data within the system and use it to your advantage to recognise common issues and the costs associated with them.

The ISM JMS works with you by giving you the necessary tools to collate and analyse the data.


The analysis tools use real time data and you can run reports by model; fault and client and select a specific date range.

The dashboard page when you first log in to the analysis section of the system will provide an ‘at a glance’ overview of:

• Top 10 most reported faults
• Top 10 models with most reported issues
• Top 10 clients with most reported issues